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T.R.T. Services is ready to serve all your machining needs.

Machine Shop Services

T.R.T. Services Ltd. is a fully equipped Machining Manufacturer. Machinists operate large capacity lathes, slotters, milling machines with DRO, align boring units, and a 100 ton press, a +100" swing lathe. Moreover T.R.T. Services Ltd. boasts portable machining and drilling capabilities.

CNC Machining

T.R.T.'s CNC Machining facility enables us to effectively and accurately produce complex multidimensional components.

We have both horizontal and Vertical CNC machining centers.

Water-Jet Cutting

T.R.T. has a CNC controlled water jet cutting table which will cut holes in material 4" thick.

Parts are cut without heat distortion. Designs can be imported from auto-cad (.dxf) software.

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