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Exceeding Expectations for Over 30 Years!

T.R.T. Services first opened its doors in June of 1989.  We started with a small operation consisting of one part time employee machining brakes for the automotive repair industry.  From these humble beginnings we slowly grew to purchase our first lathe’s and milling equipment.  With the addition of this machining equipment we were now ready to start down a path that has allowed us to grow to become one the best equipped Machine Shops in Newfoundland.


At T.R.T. we believe in constantly improving our equipment, and increasing our stock.  Every year since 1989 we have continually added new equipment, purchased stock, and modified tooling to increase our efficiency and product quality.   We now boast a facility that houses the one of the largest capacity lathes in the province.   In house we have full CNC Machining and Water Jet Cutting capacity, along with a wide array of modern machining equipment.


At T.R.T. every Employee contributes to a policy of constant improvement to production, work place environment, and quality of output.  From the get go each employee is instilled with philosophy of doing things right the first time.  All suggestions are taken into consideration and discussed in our weekly staff meetings.


With over 25 years in business and decades of experience, T.R.T. is ready to tackle any of your manufacturing or repair requirements.

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