T.R.T. Services offers a fully equipped CNC Machine Shop complete with state-of-the-art CNC Lathe and Vertical CNC Machining Center.

Vertical CNC Machining Centre

CNC Machine

Vertical CNC Machining Center

  • All programming performed using Master Cam Version 10.
  • Capable of importing AutoCAD Designs for easy translation and setup.
  • Capable of complex production runs of quantities from one to one thousand. 


  • Seven Precision Lathes with a maximum turning capacity of 88 diameter and capable of machining parts over 30 feet in length;
  • Overhead Crane
  • Four Precision Milling Machines with Digital Readouts for high level accuracy;
  • Shaper, Slotter and Radial Arm Drill Press;
  • In-Position Machining and Align Boring;
  • Mobile Machining and Mobile Key Slotting;
  • Sixty Ton Portable Hydraulic Jacking/Pressing Unit;
  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Steel Welding with
  • Fabrication Services and Plasma Cutting Capability both in-house and mobile;
  • Welding Machine Rental;
  • Machine Shop Equipment Rentals (Lathe, Milling Machine)

Material Stock


Sizes Available

316 SS Shafting

¾ to 5-1/2 Dia.

4140 HR Steel Bar

¾ to 8 Dia.

660 Bearing Bronze

¾ to 11 Dia. Solid and Cored

Yellow Brass Bar

¼ to 4 Dia.

Yellow Brass Hexagon

1 to 2 Dia.

Copper Round Bar

¾ to 1-1/4 Dia.

Mild Steel Bar

2 to 13 Dia.

Cold Drawn Bar

¼ to 2-1/2 Dia.

6061 Alum Bar Stock

½ to 8 Dia.

Acetal Delrin Bar

1 to 4 Dia.

UHMW Bar Stock

1 to 6 Dia.

11 R Marine Babbit

7 lb. Blocks

Induction Hardened Chrome Bar

¾ to 3-1/4 Dia., 25mm to 90mm

Drive Shaft Tubing

1-1/2 to 4-1/2 Dia.

All items with the exception of Bearing Bronze may be cut to customer specifications.
Items may be machined quickly and efficiently to the customer specifications.
For a quotation or material order please contact a TRT Services representative:

By Phone: 709-834-9008
By Fax: 709-834-9222
By Email: rick@trtservices.ca (NEW ADDRESS)
info@trtservices.ca (NEW ADDRESS)



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